The first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that is certified to create bottled-quality water from your tap. No plumbing or installation required.

    Ultra Reverse Osmosis™ technology

    AquaTru's exclusive, patent pending Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis Technology miniaturized the same reverse osmosis technology used by all the major bottled brands and puts it into a compact countertop water purifier. (click here to watch animation of how AquaTru works)

    AquaTru removes or substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water.

  • Welcome to AquaTru® Say Goodbye to toxic chemicals

Welcome to AquaTru™
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Now Certified to Remove PFOA and PFOS!

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates about 100 contaminants in our tap water, but a study shows that there are over 300 harmful contaminants in tap water.

If you live in the United States, there is a nearly one-in-four chance your tap water is either unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law, a new study has found.

AquaTru is certified to remove over 15x more contaminants than the best selling pitcher water filter.

Some of those contaminants include:
Chromium 6
Chlorine and Chloramine
Cancer Causing Chemicals
Herbicides & Pesticides
And 100's of other dangerous contaminants

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  • Watch AquaTru turn Diet Coke back into Pure Water

    Diet Coke is a combination of water, artificial color, artificial sweeteners and caffeine. In this amazing demonstration, AquaTru removes that all and turns Diet Coke into purified water in just minutes.

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What's wrong with TYPICAL FRIDGE &

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Over 73 billion half-liter bottles of water are consumed in the US per year. Of those, 50 billion bottles end up in landfills or polluting our waterways.

It takes over 17 million barrels of oil to produce the plastic required for bottles of water consumed by Americans in a year, which is enough oil to fuel more than 1 million cars for an entire year.

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Why AquaTru®?


AquaTru provides great-tasting pure water, just like your favorite bottled water provides.


Unlike regular pitcher or refrigerator filters, AquaTru takes out virtually all toxic chemicals in your tap water.

AquaTru's Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology is a 4-Stage purification process:

Stage 1 - Sediment Pre-Filter

Removes sediments and cloudiness from water.

Stage 2 - Activated Carbon Pre-Filter

Removes more than 99% of chlorine and chloramines.

Stage 3 - High-efficiency Reverse Osmosis Filter

Removes toxic inorganic contaminants including lead, chromium 6, radium, arsenic and nitrates (and many others).

Stage 4 - Activated Coconut Shell VOC Carbon Filter

Removes toxic organic chemicals including pesticides, fertilizer, rocket fuel and drug residue (and many others).


Based on a person drinking 8 glasses of bottled water a day for one year. That equals 1,500 pints of bottled water annually. That comes out to 0.20 cents a pint or $300 a year for one person. For a family of 4, the cost would be $1,200/Year. Over 5 years, the cost for a family of 4 then becomes $6,000. Comparatively, the cost of Aquatru over 5 years is $700.


No heavy bottles to carry around or filters to change every few months. AquaTru filters last between six months and two years depending on water usage and local water quality.

Clean + Pure


Environmentally Kind

AquaTru is extremely efficient so you don’t get the water waste like with other RO systems. Also, you are not trucking water all over for delivery, nor are you using up single-use water bottles that are so harmful to our planet & animals.

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For Work

Use AquaTru at work to be sure you’re drinking the purest water while you work. With no installation required; you can put AquaTru in the kitchen, in the breakroom or even in your private office.

For Home

AquaTru is perfect at home. Great for cooking, baby formula, drinking, filling sports containers, etc. And since no plumbing is required you can put it where ever you want: garage, workspace, kitchen, dining room, bar area, etc.

And because it moves from place to place it’s great for college students, people living in apartments or people who rent.

For Travel

Pure water is a must, even when you travel. AquaTru is perfect for RV’s, boats, extended stay vacation spots, etc.

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Save Money. Drink Safely. Save the Environment. AquaTru® IT’S TIME to JOIN the water revolution

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